In Use Globally. Our Customers Rely on Our Many Years of Experience

We have been software master craftsmen since 2001. We enable fast internationalization for our customers through secure and flexible processes with high automation. Our solutions experience technology updates upon a regular basis and are constantly kept updated innovatively even after many years. 

Our often long-term customers rely upon our openness and expertise in their information architecture. They themselves are frequently highly-innovative technology companies and often utilize our solutions worldwide. We also provide our solutions to agencies and pass on our know-how in training classes and workshops.


Whether as experts for eCommerce, as with our customer  LAPPGROUP (40+ country sites, numerous SAP e-shops worldwide based upon our own development, partner connection, SAP Open Catalog interface, payment gateway, product finder), as specialists for product data management, as with the TRUMPF Group (twelve languages, PIM system, international roll-out, customer portals), or as the long-term partner of the DAIMLER Utility Vehicle Division (automated translation management, rapid and highly-dynamic provision of technical information, >1 million documents from more than 25,000 vehicles in eleven languages), our expertise is always then in demand when projects are of strategic importance for our customers. 

We are specialists  in the following areas

  • Product data
  • SAP integration
  • Workflow automation
  • Internationalization
  • Intelligent search systems
  • Micro service architecture
  • TYPO3 CMS and FLOW

Very Modern Technologies: 
In our solutions, in addition to established open source software, we use above all the most modern Internet technologies such as AngularJS, Node.js, React, Camunda, Elastic, among many others. We combine the entire product through modern software architecture to form highly-flexible and top-class total solutions.  


We Work Agilely: 
We are frequently not just the technology supplier, but rather also the developmental partner of our long-term customers. The cooperation takes place oftentimes agilely on joint and interdisciplinary project teams in order to develop customized solutions.