Roots, Growth, Vision. How We Became What We Are

Admittedly: Our company has grown quite fast. Founded in 2001 in Schwäbisch Gmünd, 50 kilometers east of Stuttgart, we now work with 20 employees to support international companies–mostly from electro-technology, machine construction and the automobile sector. We supply our customers with innovative and customized technologies and thus realize future-oriented (and functioning!) processes for a company’s requirements.


That, despite our rapid growth, we have not lost our down-to-earth approach, likely is attributable to the fact that, in addition to our expansion and market-readiness, we have not lost track of our roots. We work in flat hierarchies as experienced, passionate team players–always fighting to master our customers’ needs. Together with their internal and external project partners, we develop new ideas and jointly design system solutions which support the existing processes, close process gaps and create new synergies.


It already almost lies a little in our nature to not just understand the customer’s status quo for this success, but rather to think beyond this to the future tasks and requirements of a company.


You shouldn’t overlook that our life is moving faster and faster at a breath-taking tempo. Precisely where it concerns the processing of information and data, we need new tools in order to master the data flow. A new software should not be merely an additional point on your to-do-list …

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The software which we find at many companies today was developed in order to support the industry during the implementation of the linear processes which are subject to no or only slow change. This model is–to state the least–getting along in years.

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