From all-rounders and flexibility-makers. What to do when the data flow gets out of hand?

You shouldn’t overlook that our life is moving faster and faster at a breath-taking tempo. Precisely where it concerns the processing of information and data, we need new tools in order to master the data flow. A new software should not be merely an additional point on your to-do-list, but rather keep your mind free for what no software can take away: Creative corporate management.


SETU Software  offers you solutions which alleviate the processes at your company from excessive workloads and, in addition to increasing productivity and efficiency, create what a successful company also needs: Satisfied employees and a relaxed corporate management approach. What should you do with the time you have obtained? Go rowing once.


The software which we find at many companies today was developed in order to support the industry during the implementation of the linear processes which are subject to no or only slow change. This model is–to state the least–getting along in years.

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Admittedly: Our company has grown quite fast. Founded in 2001 in Schwäbisch Gmünd, 50 kilometers east of Stuttgart, we now work with 20 employees to support international companies–mostly from electro-technology, machine construction and the automobile sector. 

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